Finding your Inner Peace~ 6/21/22

As we move through life, we can easily lose sight of some of the most basic things we can do that keep our mental + physical health at the top of our priority list.  As this week comes to an end, I wanted to share with you a few tools that I use to help guide me through my best + worst days. Self-love and Meditation are two of the most important things I strive to do daily.

Too easily we forget that loving yourself starts with the thoughts you have about who you are as a person, your beliefs, and your self-worth. Sometimes my personal insecurities block me from stepping forward into the dreams placed in my heart. 
  Too often, we unconsciously take on other people’s thoughts + ideas about ourselves and the messages we receive from our society. In reality, they are simple misperceptions + misunderstandings which can take us into a path of self-doubt and which actually not true.

The reality is that your thoughts, ideas, and beliefs are absolutely not fixed and not fact. YOU decide what you want to believe about yourself. Choose to focus on what you truly appreciate and enjoy. Set small goals. Do something you love everyday. Take a walk on the beach and dance in the rain. Take deep slow breathes, imagine golden light traveling  from the top of your crown chakra to your toes and into the earth below you.  Calm your mind into stillness. Slowly but surely in creating your own practice you will start to see the change. 

I hope this weekend you do something that makes you smile. As always, I am here on this wellness journey with you!

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