Marla’s Story

Marla is a passionate advocate for mental, spiritual and physical wellness and chooses to offer inspiration and guidance to those who are seeking more joy and harmony in their lives.  Whether it’s a path to healthy living through clean food choices or pausing for a moment to invoke a spiritual connection through meditation, Marla is offering a way to a fullness of life experiences.

Marla describes her recent project, “SoulShine Journeys” as a way to provide people who may be searching for a higher purpose to “shed what they need to shed and shift into their highest good.” This includes leading destination retreats to places like Mallorca, Spain or Brazil. More importantly she utilizes her various social media accounts to reach those who may need to heighten their conscience and reach for a deeper, inner peace.

All this comes a from a long and winding journey of her own that has crisscrossed the world as an actress, philanthropist, speaker and activist.  Dealing with the ups and downs of public life, Marla has found her space and her mission to spread love and light to those around her.  Undoubtedly her greatest joy is what she calls her most important role in life, being a mother to daughter Tiffany.

With a deep passion to share a message of unity she released the benefit album One World of Love, and continued her love of songwriting and producing with “The Endless” featuring Deepak Chopra, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Michael Bernard Beckwith and other spiritual leaders.

Marla has never stopped achieving, from being a top student, to student athlete (she still plays softball and basketball) to homecoming queen.  She is the pride and joy of Cohutta, Georgia.  With more than 25 films, countless television appearances, dozens of magazine covers, and important volunteer work, Marla’s life is joyful and complete.

From her Manhattan apartment and beyond she creates her world of music and solace and shares her daily thoughts and feelings with those around her. Her “SoulShine Journeys” are just beginning and she wants you to feel the warmth of light and love in your life.

For a full list of Marla’s acting and film credits please visit:

TheEndless #APrayertoHumanity