Charitable Causes

Spirituality For Kids

SFK™ is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to bring universal social-emotional learning tools to as many children and parents as possible around the world. Because we understand that some people who want to do the programs cannot pay the full amount, we raise donations so we can provide large discounts and scholarships to those who are unable to afford the cost of courses.


Standing up for your basic human right to voluntary, informed consent before any medical intervention and your inviolable right to bodily sovereignty.

The Louis Armstrong Center for Music and Medicine

The music therapists at the Louis Armstrong Department of Music Therapy conduct daily sessions with patients at Mount Sinai receiving care in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit), maternity unit, NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), pediatric emergency roomrespiratory step-down, and at the Peter Kruger Clinic. Additionally, our music therapists work with patients receiving services in departments such as family medicineoncology, and pain medicine and palliative care (including hospice).