A mother and grandmothers’ love 1/29/40 – 3/6/14

Yes, this week has been powerful and painful and healing and joyful and full of deep introspection… Life


This evening 5 yrs ago at 9:22pt our precious mom-mom, the forever beautiful & glamorous Momma Ann rose up to her heavenly place. This was so clear as I held her and held onto every moment, watching her elevating and looking up as she took her last breath, with a peaceful smile on her face.


I was so blessed to have a mother who adored me and truly loved her granddaughter @tiffanytrump more than anything. She was so beautiful as you can see in this photo when she was homecoming queen and so sporty & playful as here with Tiffany when she was in her mid 50’s.  Mom always supported me so proudly, here posing outside the Palace Theater when I was performing on #Broadway after probably watching her 100th performance. And she was the best dancer of all!


Mom gave her heart and soul to her family and today I can feel her loving and yes still feisty spirit with me.


Cancer may have taken her body way too soon for us who miss her so, but her spirit was never broken… Moms’ faith remained so strong as she trusted every step of her journey, yet her courage and commitment to her healing never ended …


There is so much more I’d to share, but this may already be my longest  post ever… So for now thank you for listening as I shared my heart. May moms faith help inspire any of you going through challenges to love more, trust in your own Divinity and see beyond any limitations that this life or world may offer. #YouAreABlessing #eternallove #braincancerawareness #breastcancerawareness #faith #AnnMaples

Wow.. the 50’s Total elegance.  My mom, Ann Maples Age 18 in 1958
Nothing but Love with Tiffany and her Mom-Mom
Mom with me in the background as Ziegfeld’s Favorite in the Will Rogers Follies. 
Glamorous Mom in 1996
My first birthday with mom Ann and daddy Stan
Mom-Mom with her granddaughter Tiffany