Facial Acupuncture

Don’t leave me at home alone too long I’m not a professional but I have loved having facial acupuncture throughout the years and have taken a few notes, so yes I did this myself then laid down to rest & meditate after applying a even a few more needles. I’m grateful for birthdays but woe, after this last one, I noticed many more fine lines and yes, some awesome eye drooping. Maybe it’s just my eyesight improving… Tee Hee! I truly believe joy and appreciation of all our earth years is so important, but a few perks or in this case pricks along the way can increase circulation and help to de-stress and relax at the same time. #acupuncture #FacialAcupuncture #dontjudgeme #BoostwithoutBotox

Shot by Annie Leibovitz @AnnieLeibovitz for @VogueMagazine June 1996 at Mar-A-Lago 
Above a Nov. 2018 #selfie