My Time with Billy Graham

I can’t look back to my youth without thinking of Billy Graham and the influence he had on me growing up in the rural South. I would rush to our big box television of the ‘70’s to hear him speak and feel embraced by a higher power that was so familiar to my soul…I was comforted by his presence, his voice and conviction of his faith. Billy Graham’s faith inspired my faith …

So when I had the opportunity to share a dinner with he and his lovely wife Ruth in the ‘90’s,  my reaction upon meeting him should not of surprised me, but it did.  It felt as if I was in the presence of Moses himself, as the warmest tears began to flow down my face. They weren’t tears of crying… but tears of being in the face of Grace. My soul was so warmed and I was filled with joy.

How interesting it is that he left this world on Feb 21st, with the death anniversary of Moses being Feb 22.

I have to believe this is no accident as now this man of such humility and non-judgment is sitting in his heavenly place to help bring more unity and understanding into our world.

Thank you Rev. Graham for lighting the path ✨