2019 Visioning

The eve of New Year’s Eve is upon us & tonight I want to share how I’m using this gift of time to bring forth dreams I hold deep in my spirit. I was inspired this morning by the pastor of a church I was visiting who shared the importance of writing our visions then handing them over to God.

I told him that God blesses me with so much creativity … thoughts, ideas, visions, but it’s the lack of completion of many of them which nags at my heart daily. I see them clearly but then self-doubt comes. How can I? How do I? Am I equipped for these dreams?

So before the birth of 2019 I’m asking confirmation that my dreams are intertwined with God’s dream and then I will put one foot and then the other forward, holding the vision as I place it in the hands of God. I ask that my footsteps will be guided by the Light.

God inspires the dream… let’s us bring Honor to the dream.