Dreamy by the Lakeside in Bucharest

 Enjoying discovering a new place in the world... feeling the peace and gratitude. Romania has some of the kindest people, the ladies have the most beautiful skin, and the food is so fresh plus we can always find healthy vegan options. Sending peace from my heart to yours today, from Herastrau Lake. 


Leaving London & Time with Tiffany

Last day in London with Tiffany under the gaze of the most blue skies and guarded by the bronze Lions of #TrifalgarSquare  So perfect as we step into the sun energy of Leo – Infinite Light, offering countless possibilities to do good and plant seeds for change. This is the time to take proactive steps toward realizing your deepest desires. So with gratitude I thank England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 and all our friends there for memorable times surrounded by love. Ps Tiffany & I didn’t plan the Blue Pinstripes but I love it!


And An Angel appears ✨

Always expect the gift of Angels 🕊 ...Even in unexpected places… all we have to do is open our eyes to see, our ears to hear, our senses to feel... I woke late this morning after a beautiful wedding celebration at The Observatory at Freedom Tower last night. I rushed to my favorite community church where a dear friend decided to surprise me and join. Afterwards,  our walk & conversation led us to a neighborhood coffee shop where the barista presented me with the warmest smile and this angelic latte. I smiled back and told him you’ve just reassured me that angels are always with us… was your intention to create this? I was just doodling for you… he answered 🙂. What gifts will you find today?


Awakening with Marla radio show with Tara of Transformations with Tara

My good friend Tara Sutphen and I recently shared radio time where we talk about friendship, who we are, and the ways in which we find joy in life. We focus on healthy eating, my funny little journey with wheatgrass and the power to stay young through food and holistic alternatives rather than choosing more intrusive options. We talk about the importance of staying close to nature to keep your mind stress-free. Click here to listen  to other ways to keep living a healthy, loving life on Contact Talk Radio Network.

Sister Jenna Interview

I had a wonderful interview with Sister Jenna about the power of our voice and my journey into the awakening. From growing up in a little town in Georgia towards expanding my mind and soul in New York and California. It's a little insight into who I am and why I'm doing what I do, with so much love and dedication. I have attached the link here for you to check it out and the first 10 minutes are a wonderful meditation conducted by her.

Wishing you joy,



A Mother’s Nature

Don’t mess with momma cat’s kittens....and I am the same about mine even now 24 yrs later. I was thinking of my daughter Tiffany this morning and how I always want to protect her especially in these time’s of great judgment, when I happened upon this precious one daring anyone to harm her kittens... nature is nature and remember lifting others also lifts us. #justlovemore



Gratitude is such a gift. It heals us in the moments we may feel overwhelmed, misunderstood, “un” purposed, or simply sad. Forge forward with a heart of love and appreciation and feel the simple shift back to joy... 💕✨


My Time with Billy Graham

I can’t look back to my youth without thinking of Billy Graham and the influence he had on me growing up in the rural South. I would rush to our big box television of the ‘70’s to hear him speak and feel embraced by a higher power that was so familiar to my soul...I was comforted by his presence, his voice and conviction of his faith. Billy Graham’s faith inspired my faith ...

So when I had the opportunity to share a dinner with he and his lovely wife Ruth in the ‘90’s,  my reaction upon meeting him should not of surprised me, but it did.  It felt as if I was in the presence of Moses himself, as the warmest tears began to flow down my face. They weren’t tears of crying… but tears of being in the face of Grace. My soul was so warmed and I was filled with joy.

How interesting it is that he left this world on Feb 21st, with the death anniversary of Moses being Feb 22.

I have to believe this is no accident as now this man of such humility and non-judgment is sitting in his heavenly place to help bring more unity and understanding into our world.

Thank you Rev. Graham for lighting the path ✨


New Year’s eve

From sunsets to moon rises… Wishing you all the most special moments! May you have more time to do things you love… more time share it with those you love… And always expect miracles✨from this nature loving girl who loves adventure and friendships, have a blessed New Year’s Eve from my heart to yours!  💕


 Remember no matter what comes our way let’s always reach higher and find the light  

Breakfast with a Smile

Even though the days of adding blueberry & raspberry smiles to my daughters oatmeal and pancakes may be rare, never forget we can do it for ourselves also. Loved taking time this morning for a simple gluten-free oatmeal with flax and chia, a cup of organic coffee. How can I forget the Huckleberry all-fruit jam that Montana is known for. Yum! I hope you all can take a moment to enjoy the most simple of joys! 

 Gluten-oatmeal w/chia & flax. Topped with a smile of organic raspberries  

Gluten-oatmeal w/chia & flax. Topped with a smile of organic raspberries  

A view with gratitude. Montana


So happy!! Got my certification as a ThetaHealing® Practitioner this week. A Christmas & Chanukkah present for self✨ What a gift to be able to go deeper to facilitate the healing power of our Creator. Great class Eric! Looking forward to learning and sharing more!! 


🍁This day is like none other 🍁

 Let’s celebrate life, nature and the bounty of love around us all. God is so Good and showers us with gifts ...can we take a moment to be still enough to listen, see & feel the Presence of this nurturing love?🙏🏼 I believe we can... I believe we can choose love... I believe in just this moment anything is possible ...  reach higher than you can imagine ... stretch even more ... rise against the appearance of gravity holding you down  just as these trees take such root and rise higher and higher ...


Rosh Hashanah


 Whatever your faith, whatever your religion,   and even if you feel you've lost your faith I wish you many blessings of abundance in all areas of life.  As the sun sets into Rosh Hashanah, may this year bring you so much light and joy, more than you could ever imagine… 

I also wanted to share this quick but powerful teaching by david Ghiyam on how we can all use the energy of Rosh Hashanah. 

Love 💕 ✨🙌🏻 


@HamiltonMusical Orchestra tix raffle for @AWARENYC.org

 click here and donate to AWARE for a chance to see Hamilton! 

- A $20 donation gets you one raffle ticket- A $50 donation gets you three raffle tickets

AWARE Advisory Board member Marla Maples and some Broadway friends have a special message about the raffle. The Cast and crew of Hamilton is counting on your support and wishing you luck!

One lucky donor will receive two orchestra tickets to see Hamilton in NYC on Tuesday, June 6th at 7:00 pm. Anyone who donates $20 or more to AWARE between now and 10 am on June 2nd will be automatically entered into the raffle.

As a reminder, AWARE raises money and awareness and does volunteer work with different grassroots charities that support women and girls in the local NYC area and 95% of all donations go directly to help the women and girls that AWARE supports.

The winner will be announced LIVE on our Hamilton AWARE Raffle Facebook page so please stay tuned for for details and updates.  Thank you in advance for your generosity!Sincerely,The Women of AWARE



On the softball field yesterday, the Hamilton team joined in to support our raffle for AWARENYC.org.  

Thank you all for your love and support.  


Did anyone ever tell us this journey of life would be easy? How perfect life would be if everyone would love each other unconditionally & we could see each other and be seen as our authentic selves. But what an opportunity we have to trust even more when all doesn't appear to go our way. If we can find our joy in that moment than imagine how much light we can share in the world.

Let's do our part and keep shining our light and see how we can affect our world and each other.

Let no one take away your joy 🌷 #LifeChoice #RiseAbove #ShineYourLight #PrayersForOurWorld

Thank you so much to all my teachers along the way... those of this earth and those above. Those who taught openly with Joy and those who taught without knowing under the illusion of hurt and pain. You are all a gift to me ✨