A mother and grandmothers’ love 1/29/40 - 3/6/14

Yes, this week has been powerful and painful and healing and joyful and full of deep introspection... Life


This evening 5 yrs ago at 9:22pt our precious mom-mom, the forever beautiful & glamorous Momma Ann rose up to her heavenly place. This was so clear as I held her and held onto every moment, watching her elevating and looking up as she took her last breath, with a peaceful smile on her face.


I was so blessed to have a mother who adored me and truly loved her granddaughter @tiffanytrump more than anything. She was so beautiful as you can see in this photo when she was homecoming queen and so sporty & playful as here with Tiffany when she was in her mid 50’s.  Mom always supported me so proudly, here posing outside the Palace Theater when I was performing on #Broadway after probably watching her 100th performance. And she was the best dancer of all!


Mom gave her heart and soul to her family and today I can feel her loving and yes still feisty spirit with me.


Cancer may have taken her body way too soon for us who miss her so, but her spirit was never broken... Moms’ faith remained so strong as she trusted every step of her journey, yet her courage and commitment to her healing never ended ...


There is so much more I’d to share, but this may already be my longest  post ever... So for now thank you for listening as I shared my heart. May moms faith help inspire any of you going through challenges to love more, trust in your own Divinity and see beyond any limitations that this life or world may offer. #YouAreABlessing #eternallove #braincancerawareness #breastcancerawareness #faith #AnnMaples


Wow.. the 50’s Total elegance.  My mom, Ann Maples Age 18 in 1958


Mom-Mom with her granddaughter Tiffany  


Mom with me in the background as Ziegfeld’s Favorite in the Will Rogers Follies. 


Glamorous Mom in 1996


Nothing but Love with Tiffany and her Mom-Mom


My first birthday with mom Ann and daddy Stan 

Yoga love through the Years

Running forward while throwing back #tbt March 1996 @fitnessmagazine Still loving my #yoga today! From #acroyoga and #kundalini to #iyengar I love mixing it up 🧘‍♀️ If you can’t get to a yoga studio near you, then do a search on YouTube and find the perfect instructor for you. #mindbodyspirit #loveyourself #breathe #lifechanger #marlamotivations 


Fitness Magazine 1996


Caribbean 2019

2019 Visioning

The eve of New Year’s Eve is upon us & tonight I want to share how I’m using this gift of time to bring forth dreams I hold deep in my spirit. I was inspired this morning by the pastor of a church I was visiting who shared the importance of writing our visions then handing them over to God.

I told him that God blesses me with so much creativity ... thoughts, ideas, visions, but it’s the lack of completion of many of them which nags at my heart daily. I see them clearly but then self-doubt comes. How can I? How do I? Am I equipped for these dreams?

So before the birth of 2019 I’m asking confirmation that my dreams are intertwined with God’s dream and then I will put one foot and then the other forward, holding the vision as I place it in the hands of God. I ask that my footsteps will be guided by the Light.

God inspires the dream... let’s us bring Honor to the dream.

Time for Miracles Celebrating Chanukah

 #MondayMiracles It’s time to think miraculously ✨ I am so very grateful for these 8 days of #Chanukah. What a gift! It is the perfect time to Believe in the “Miraculous Me!”  A time to break away from limited logical beliefs... I ask to have strength greater than what I believe I have… I ask to believe in others beyond what I may see. Try to create the space to pause each night this week, just after sundown, no matter what your faith & ask to connect to the unlimited power of God. Allow the miracles to flow to you and through you #FeelTheLight #MarlaMondays Thank you to my dear teacher #EitanYardeni for always sharing in a way that is so easy to access, even for this Southern #Christian girl


Facial Acupuncture

Don’t leave me at home alone too long 😱I’m not a professional but I have loved having facial acupuncture throughout the years and have taken a few notes, so yes I did this myself then laid down to rest & meditate after applying a even a few more needles. I’m grateful for birthdays but woe, after this last one, I noticed many more fine lines and yes, some awesome eye drooping. 😝 Maybe it’s just my eyesight improving… Tee Hee! I truly believe joy and appreciation of all our earth years is so important, but a few perks or in this case pricks along the way can increase circulation and help to de-stress and relax at the same time. #acupuncture #FacialAcupuncture #dontjudgeme😂 #BoostwithoutBotox

Above a Nov. 2018 #selfie

Above a Nov. 2018 #selfie

Below shot by Annie Leibovitz @AnnieLeibovitz for @VogueMagazine June 1996 at Mar-A-Lago 


Prayers from Barcelona

One of our first stops when we returned to #Barcelona was the Basilica Santa Maria Del Mar. We were enveloped in magnificence & called to sit in prayer… At this time please may we all seek deeper & higher guidance from the Divine Light within each of us to help our hearts, minds & world be filled with love… Can we challenge ourselves to choose love 🙏🏼  all of us? #bless #prayersforlove #liveinjoy #beablessing #uplift #peacetothosesuffering ☮️✝️✡️🕉☪️☮️ With lovely friends from Romania Venezuela Canada Carmen Anderson, Cat Faith and Marielen Perdom


A day in Rhodes Greece

This is #Rhodes “the Island of the Knights” named after the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem, who once conquered the land. Here we experienced much contrast… In the beautiful sunlight of the grounds of this magnificent ancient place, my dear friend #CatFaith led us in a #meditation to release any thoughts or beliefs that may limit our ability to move forward in true joy with our souls’ purpose. From there we chose a restaurant which we had “not” searched on @tripadvisor or we would’ve found the 1 star rating & dashed so fast in the other direction!! We ran shaking into a nearby boutique where we found the kindest people who shared their hand-woven wraps & dresses along with complementary cups of #Greek ☕️ to remind us there is always kindness just around the corner. As we passed through the gates of the ancient city the winds blew so strong that we broke out in laughter knowing we can choose to believe in a higher good in all things… and all experiences… #beautifuldestinations #SeeTheGood #greece #DiMareArteStudio


Scenic drive in the beautiful mountains of India!

Do you think I’m a little excited in this video? 😂 An afternoon driving higher and higher into the Mountains of Abu had me reminiscing over the beautiful North Carolina mountains I know so well, when all of the sudden I was reminded that we are on an adventure in a new land! 🐒 🐒🐒 I love the mysteries of this place! 
We are learning so much every moment…The sights are breathtaking and the people filled with love to openly express. And the monkeys… Believe me, they can surprise you even in the most unexpected moments 🙈🙊🙉
#monkeys #inthewild #wildlife #NotinAmerica😂#naturesurprises #Adventure #marlamaples #rickykej @rickykej #GlobalCitizen
#environmentalist #LoveIndia

Yet another incredible day!

Early Mornings in India!

Morning with the girls… In one of my favorite places...The kitchen 😋So much love & sacred community with these lovely ladies as they prepare every vegetable with such care and help feed the multitude of volunteers and guests of the Meditation Center high in the mountains. Bless them all as they bless us 🙌🏻

Beautiful India Adventures

I viewed this angel from afar as I was capturing the magnitude of this land… I was taken by her beauty and her smile… her elegance and the energy that she exudes … We waved to each other and who would know, we soon would become fast friends... another blessing day in #India


Dreamy by the Lakeside in Bucharest

 Enjoying discovering a new place in the world... feeling the peace and gratitude. Romania has some of the kindest people, the ladies have the most beautiful skin, and the food is so fresh plus we can always find healthy vegan options. Sending peace from my heart to yours today, from Herastrau Lake. 


Leaving London & Time with Tiffany

Last day in London with Tiffany under the gaze of the most blue skies and guarded by the bronze Lions of #TrifalgarSquare  So perfect as we step into the sun energy of Leo – Infinite Light, offering countless possibilities to do good and plant seeds for change. This is the time to take proactive steps toward realizing your deepest desires. So with gratitude I thank England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 and all our friends there for memorable times surrounded by love. Ps Tiffany & I didn’t plan the Blue Pinstripes but I love it!


And An Angel appears ✨

Always expect the gift of Angels 🕊 ...Even in unexpected places… all we have to do is open our eyes to see, our ears to hear, our senses to feel... I woke late this morning after a beautiful wedding celebration at The Observatory at Freedom Tower last night. I rushed to my favorite community church where a dear friend decided to surprise me and join. Afterwards,  our walk & conversation led us to a neighborhood coffee shop where the barista presented me with the warmest smile and this angelic latte. I smiled back and told him you’ve just reassured me that angels are always with us… was your intention to create this? I was just doodling for you… he answered 🙂. What gifts will you find today?


Awakening with Marla radio show with Tara of Transformations with Tara

My good friend Tara Sutphen and I recently shared radio time where we talk about friendship, who we are, and the ways in which we find joy in life. We focus on healthy eating, my funny little journey with wheatgrass and the power to stay young through food and holistic alternatives rather than choosing more intrusive options. We talk about the importance of staying close to nature to keep your mind stress-free. Click here to listen  to other ways to keep living a healthy, loving life on Contact Talk Radio Network.

Sister Jenna Interview

I had a wonderful interview with Sister Jenna about the power of our voice and my journey into the awakening. From growing up in a little town in Georgia towards expanding my mind and soul in New York and California. It's a little insight into who I am and why I'm doing what I do, with so much love and dedication. I have attached the link here for you to check it out and the first 10 minutes are a wonderful meditation conducted by her.

Wishing you joy,



A Mother’s Nature

Don’t mess with momma cat’s kittens....and I am the same about mine even now 24 yrs later. I was thinking of my daughter Tiffany this morning and how I always want to protect her especially in these time’s of great judgment, when I happened upon this precious one daring anyone to harm her kittens... nature is nature and remember lifting others also lifts us. #justlovemore



Gratitude is such a gift. It heals us in the moments we may feel overwhelmed, misunderstood, “un” purposed, or simply sad. Forge forward with a heart of love and appreciation and feel the simple shift back to joy... 💕✨


My Time with Billy Graham

I can’t look back to my youth without thinking of Billy Graham and the influence he had on me growing up in the rural South. I would rush to our big box television of the ‘70’s to hear him speak and feel embraced by a higher power that was so familiar to my soul...I was comforted by his presence, his voice and conviction of his faith. Billy Graham’s faith inspired my faith ...

So when I had the opportunity to share a dinner with he and his lovely wife Ruth in the ‘90’s,  my reaction upon meeting him should not of surprised me, but it did.  It felt as if I was in the presence of Moses himself, as the warmest tears began to flow down my face. They weren’t tears of crying… but tears of being in the face of Grace. My soul was so warmed and I was filled with joy.

How interesting it is that he left this world on Feb 21st, with the death anniversary of Moses being Feb 22.

I have to believe this is no accident as now this man of such humility and non-judgment is sitting in his heavenly place to help bring more unity and understanding into our world.

Thank you Rev. Graham for lighting the path ✨


New Year’s eve

From sunsets to moon rises… Wishing you all the most special moments! May you have more time to do things you love… more time share it with those you love… And always expect miracles✨from this nature loving girl who loves adventure and friendships, have a blessed New Year’s Eve from my heart to yours!  💕


 Remember no matter what comes our way let’s always reach higher and find the light