Adventures with Purpose

Sharing a mini photo journey of a few of my special trips I've been blessed to experience and share in throughout the years...

#TBT to a beautiful and mindful adventure with friends... both with and without fins 😂 #tobagocays 🐚🐠#turtlesanctuary🐢 I had the incredible opportunity to swim alongside these amazing creatures in their beautiful habitat. Song: California Girls by @nombe

Marla and her good friend Tara embark on a journey from Indianapolis to Alabama when they encountered a road bump..... literally. Thus, the adventure of Marla & Tara Vs. Pothole begins! @Tara_insight

MEXICO  |  2016

Got centered at Life Source Retreats with Dr. Tess Mauricio and other lovely friends, and worked with The Waterbearers & Waves for Water to help install water filtration systems. 

"The Waterbearers is inspiring women who have access to clean water - to get it to those who do not.  We seek women to step into leadership and run a campaign to raise funds for 100 clean water systems.  Each system serves 100 people for a total of One Million people reached with clean water.  100% of your Donation goes to the cost of the filter and distribution program via out partners Waves for Water."


Spent time working with Kids Creating Peace (KCP), a non-governmental organization that offers "spiritual education programs for personal and societal conflict management and resolution among children and youth in Israel and Palestine."

AFRICA  |  2011

Tiffany and I went to share gifts at orphanages in Malawi, yet we received so much more in the smiles, laughter, dance and songs of the people...

GUATEMALA  |  1990

I traveled with a friend in the Peace Corps to learn about the work they were doing, and also had the opportunity to visit Tikal and climb high above the forest in the Mayan Ruins.